What Others Think

“CMOs of today are inundated with so many things during the course of their day. It is virtually impossible to stay up to date on everything that is marketing related. That’s why someone like Steve is so important. His column is an absolute must read for his articles cut right through the noise and tell me what I need to know as a CMO. To say I value and trust his opinion would be an understatement. I’ve sought out his counsel on more than one occasion. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know Steve on a personal level and he is as down-to-Earth as anyone I’ve ever met. He’s also fun, engaging, connected and very generous with his time and help. If you’re a CMO, read his work and get to know him for his real-world experience and his refreshing, no-nonsense approach to marketing.” – Deborah Wahl, CMO of Cadillac

“As a marketing executive I am constantly on the move. I don’t have time to read every article so I am very selective about what I read. One absolute is Steve Olenski. He literally keeps me apprised as to what other brands are doing, the latest trends and so much more. I’ve been fortunate to get know Steve as well on a personal level and he’s even a better person than he is writer, which is saying a lot.” – Bruce Hershey, VP of Marketing, Men’s Wearhouse

“Steve is in rarified air, truly. He is unique in that he is not a journalist by trade. He has walked the same walk that marketers and advertisers have (and he continues to do so), so when he shares his opinions, he’s doing so based on real life experiences. He is deservedly respected by those of us in the c-suite. As a CMO/marketing leader it can be challenging to wade through all the noise when it comes to ‘so-called’ experts. However, I refer to Steve as ‘The Distiller of Truth.’ I value his opinion as much as anyone I’ve ever met. If you’re a CMO or marketing leader you owe it to yourself to follow Steve and read/listen to what he has to say. His counsel can do wonders for your personal brand. And last but not least, he’s just a super-nice, funny, and down-to-earth guy.” – Julie Lyle, former CMO of Walmart and Barnes & Noble

“Steve and I have worked together several times over the course of the last year. He is a smart, intuitive, and creative thinker. His work writing for Forbes is consistently on point and valuable. I also appreciate Steve as a thought partner in helping develop an idea / concept. I value his partnership, skillset and experience. He is also a great guy and a pleasure to work with!”– Patrick Adams, CMO of Paypal

“Marketing and business leaders today are completely inundated by the sheer amount of content, articles, etc. on a daily basis. It’s becoming harder and harder to weed through all the noise. Fortunately there’s Steve Olenski or Steve O as he likes to be known by, which is apropos to call him that because he is without question the most down-to-earth, casual person you’ll ever meet. Because he has the real-world experience other writers/journalists may not, I know when I read something of Steve’s it’s rooted in practical application. Quite simply the man knows his stuff and then some.

“You would be wise to not only read Steve’s work but to engage with him as well. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And his network of leaders is second to none. Get to know Steve. You can thank me later.” – Robert Chin, former CMO of Gallo and Bar Louie