The 6 Most Dangerous Words Any Business Can Ever Use

Before I get to MY personal 6 Most Dangerous Words In History, let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?

1864 – Some guy named Louie tells his buddies and anyone else who will listen that he’s discovered a a way of preserving food by heating it to kill off bacteria.

1880 – Tommy Edison says enough is enough with this living in the dark crap.

1906 – Some guy named Carrier says enough is enough with this sitting in hot rooms crap.

1938 – Roy Plunkett tells his wife he’s got a solution to eggs sticking to frying pans.

1976 – The Two Steves think that a personal computer sounds like a good idea.

Why do I bring all these various inventions up? What do they have to do with the 6 Most Dangerous Words In History?

Well let’s take one of the examples to show you the why and what?

Let’s take Edison.

Imagine this conversation happening:

Edison: Hey everyone, I think I’ve found a way that will allow us to use something other than candles to provide light when it’s dark.

Someone from the crowd: That’s great Tommy, but we’re good. We’re sticking with the candles because… THAT’S HOW IT’S ALWAYS BEEN DONE.

  1. THAT’S
  2. HOW
  3. IT’S
  5. BEEN
  6. DONE

The 6 Most Dangerous Words In History: THAT’S HOW IT’S ALWAYS BEEN DONE.

Just consider if any of the aforementioned inventors or the 1000s like them had not pursued their ultimate goal because hey, why bother? THAT’S HOW IT’S ALWAYS BEEN DONE.

Those 6 words are incredibly dangerous and toxic when strung together.

Now of course there are examples in which the something that has always been done a certain way is still the best way to do said thing, if you will.

You know what, I get what you’re saying about eating with your ear instead of your mouth but that’s how it’s always been done and we’re gonna stay with that.

If we ever stop questioning; if we ever stop exploring; if we we ever stop wondering… well that’s when our world will come to an end.

So here’s to all those who constantly question, disrupt and try new things; to those who see something that may not be broke and go ahead and fix it anyway.

Will leave you with a quote from the man himself.

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