Stop the Marketing World, I Wanna Get Off!

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Not all that long ago I wrote a piece entitled Dear Marketers, The Year Is Now 2019 (in case you weren’t sure). When I set to scribe that piece, I was this close to screaming aloud Stop the Marketing World, I Wanna Get Off!

The reason being that particular post touched on the incredibly insightful, mind-blowing, Earth-shaking (you picking my sarcasm yet?) findings of a study which revealed “personalization in communications is significantly impacting customer loyalty.”

I know, I know. Takes your breath away, right? Who knew personalization could be so impactful.

However, as close to the edge I found myself after penning THAT piece and realizing a great number of people probably did indeed find this news to be insightful, mind-blowing and Earth-shaking, after coming across another finding I am ready to stop the ride and get off. 

From the Horse’s Mouth

Yes I chose the image I did for the featured image because I do in fact consider myself ‘the horse’ when it comes to this particular topic so in turn you will get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

What topic?

Here’s a hint courtesy of a May 11, 2019 eMarketer piece: Marketers Struggle to Deliver Omnichannel Personalization that Consumers Crave

Now I don’t care if you it call omni-channel, cross-channel, multi-channel, integrated marketing, changing the channel – whatever. It’s all the same damn thing. And it all speaks to the fact consumers – for a very long time now, I’ll get to that in a minute – have long craved to have the same experience across every-single-channel.

Way back in 2011, which is equivalent to 30 years in digital time, I penned the piece What Schoolhouse Rock And Integration Have In Common. For those of you old enough to remember, yes I am talking about THAT Schoolhouse Rock.

And by the way, this happens to be THE BEST Schoolhouse Rock ever made. Hands down. 

Lord knows the topic of cross-channel is hardly knew, I just drew a line in the sand and went back to 2011 to give you and idea of just how long yours truly has been on this bandwagon. And trust me, the 2011 piece I referenced is just one of MANY on this topic; hence I am indeed the horse. As it were. 

Then Vs. Now

In the aforementioned 2011 post was this chart below. Pay close attention to the very first line labeled ‘Consistency.’ 

Ok now back to Marketers Struggle to Deliver Omnichannel Personalization that Consumers Crave from May, Twenty-Nineteen AKA this year!


A mere 3% of marketers have all channels connected? 

One in five marketers have NO CHANNELS connected? 

How is this even possible? 

Someone, anyone please explain this to me. 

I have my theories but want to hear yours. 

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