Because CMOs (or anyone else) Can’t Read Everything – Second Edition

Following the viral, global, box-office record setting success of Because CMOs (or anyone else) Can’t Read Everything – First Edition, I am back with the Second Edition. It’s crazy how much the First Edition blew up. It was quite humbling.

Wait, what? Yeah, not sure 25 people saw it but nevertheless I am performing a service, a much-needed service because no one can read everything.

For each piece, I pull out what I consider to be a key excerpt.

And away we go…

Ask these questions to find out if you’re hiring a good human (not just a smart one)

Key excerpt:

“Just like in your personal life, building a team of people that like you because you’re kind and treat people like humans is critical. You don’t, or at least you shouldn’t, evaluate friends based on their pedigree or IQ scores. You want to be around kind people. Don’t forget that a solid team isn’t always made up of all-stars and ultra-geniuses. It’s made up of a lot of personalities and backgrounds that come together to make the whole better than the sum of its parts.”

Read the full article on Fast Company.

5 Essential Skills Every CMO Needs in 2021

Key excerpt:

“The role of the CMO evolved quickly and permanently over the last year. Skills that allowed CMOs to thrive in the past will still hold value, but in 2021, the list of priorities will change. Outsourced CMOs will become even more common. Some high-level marketing competencies will be less useful than before, while others will be critical. Considering the context and the challenges ahead, these are some of the top competencies CMOs will need this year.”

Read the full story on CMS Wire.

How to get away with (something well short of murder)

Key excerpt:

“Anyway, I don’t take meetings lightly. I’m super busy like many of you, my calendar is jammed, and I try to consider that the people on the other end of that virtual table have jammed up calendars too. So I don’t push meetings unless I feel there’s a good reason and also only if I have enough sense about the other person to conclude that they won’t hold it against me and it won’t negatively affect whatever we’re working on.”

Read the full story on LinkedIn.

Industry looks to address diversity and inclusion problem with major census

Key excerpt:

“The three major marketing and advertising trade bodies have joined forces to launch what they hope will be the most comprehensive census of diversity and inclusion in the industry. The move is a first from The Inclusion Group, formed last year by the Advertising Association, ISBA and IPA, and will form the basis of actions the group will ask the industry to take to make advertising and marketing more diverse and inclusive.”

Read the full story on Marketing Week.

The art of balancing long-term brand marketing and short-term demand marketing

Key excerpt:

“This battle between long- and short-term metric is an ongoing one, with marketers lean more heavily into demand marketing when they are looking for measurable near-term impact while brand marketing is mostly for the long haul and takes more time to measure. While both have their own USPs and advantages, the inability to see results in the short term is often put as the single most prolific barrier to brand building among marketers.”

Read the full story on The Drum.

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