Because CMOs (or anyone else) Can’t Read Everything – First Edition

I know Chief Marketing Officers, CMOs to me and you, are among the brightest, well-read people in all of marketing. But no one can be aware of, let alone read, everything, right? The information super highway is vast and wide in scope. Lord, did that last statement sound like I am in some time warp from 1993 or what?

Content curation is nothing new, of course. Curating and consolidating a group of articles (content) and presenting them in one place is very common. With that I am excited to tell you I am launching a new feature on The CMO Whisperer whereby I will personally curate content that I believe CMOs — and quite frankly everyone — should be aware of.

NOTE: The articles I select will NOT necessarily be the most recent. Many a great piece is evergreen and as such I will absolutely be curating “older” content. You’ve been warned.

For each piece, I pull out what I consider to be a key excerpt.

Slack Is the Right Tool for the Wrong Way to Work

Key excerpt:

“For teams straining under e-mail’s shortcomings, Slack arrived like a digital analgesic, curing multiple pain points all at once. This palliative effect propelled Slack toward its astronomical valuation just six years later. The problem with this trajectory is that no one stopped to ask if it made sense to optimize this style of work in the first place.”

Read the full article on The New Yorker.

Three Business Lessons Every Leader Should Take Away From 2020

Key excerpt:

“You can’t predict the future but you sure can plan more effectively for things that could arise, even if they are low-probability scenarios. That investment in time, effort, and resources could pay dividends in the future.”

Read the full article on Forbes.

The Pandemic, Social Injustice and the Roles Brands Need to Play

Key excerpt:

“Companies can no longer sit by as the chaos of the world rages around them. Instead of ignoring unrest or adding to it, they strive to provide order and ease to their customers whenever possible. These efforts, on the part of businesses, helps to give back to the community, increases your customer base, and builds brand loyalty while you’re at it.”

Read the full story on ReadWrite.

Short video ads impact all stages of purchase funnel, study says

Key excerpt:

“Six-second ads that often are used to boost awareness at the top of the purchase funnel can be as effective as 15-second ads for mid-funnel strategies. A six-second ad can boost brand preference by 9% and purchase intent by 5%, similar to the respective 10% and 4% gains for a 15-second ad in tests that controlled for the brand, according to the study.”

Read the full story on Marketing Dive.

What The Marketing Word of the Year Should Be, For Those Who Care

Key excerpt:

“Coming out of what may well be the greatest year of self-reflection for all of society, the ad industry had a huge opportunity — and it blew it. Instead of learning the lesson of what makes a brand most relevant in the throes of an existential crisis like a global pandemic, the industry has chosen not to think about the impact on its customers, but on itself.”

Read the full story on Media Post.

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